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"All That I Ask"

Dahle Scott McDuff:
Dahle founder and a noted leader of The Jammin Foundation was an energetic Gemini who had been involved in the entertainment industry since she was nine years old in Danville, Illinois. Gifted with vibrato-contralto voice, she had a style all her own. Dahle is at home singing Jazz, Country/Western and everything in between. Aside from singing, Dahle was a talented Drummer and a prolific Writer. She wrote songs, poetry, scripts, fiction as well as human interest stories for various publications including CHI Magazine. Dahle possesed  the personality that drew people to her. She was the nucleus of virtual solar system of past present entertainment personalities. Always willing to lend a hand where needed, Dahle had won the love and respect of her peers as well as her fans. She was the founder and a noted leader of The Jammin Foundation which continues to preserve Gospel, Jazz and Blues. Her last CD "All That I Ask"    May she RIP
photo of Jimmie Owens and Ms. Dahle 1969

"All That I Ask"  &  "Keeping It Alive" 

James Owens: my inspiration, Father, bandleader, drummer James "Jimmie" Owens was the guiding force behind the music. Jimmie brought together over 150 years of musical experience with a talented mix of rhythm and style. Growing up in East Saint Louis Ill. James began his career in music with his brother Hilton Owens. Both brothers came to California in the mid forties and helped to develop that West coast Jazz sound played in the famous Central Avenue Dunbar Hotel, Club Alabam and several other locations in the Los Angeles area. Jimmie Owens the drummer completed his music with his Noted trio "The Jimmie Owens Trio" with pianist, organist and composer Mr. Rodger Hamilton Spotts and tenor and alto sax Mr. Robert "Bob" Lacefield. This dynamic Trio ensemble has always played their own brand of classic jazz and produced his last CD "Keeping It Alive"   May they RIP.

CD "On the Move Groove" keeping it LIVE the Legacy of the late Mr. Jimmie Owens

The music is dedicated to The Legacy of the late Mr. Jimmie Owens, Drummer, Keyboardist and Composer Mr. Rodger Hamilton Spotts and Tenor and Alto Sax Mr. Robert "Bob" Lacefield The dynamic Trio may they RIP. We give much thanks to the featured performers included Bob Lacefield on tenor and alto sax, Art Hillary on organ, guitarist Terry Evans and Curtis Kirk on drums. The JazzZone Ensemble LIVE @ Musicians Local 47 Los Angeles CA. CD titled:  "On the Move Groove"